Chanel Goes Greek For Cruise 2018 Show

Today in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld unveiled Chanel's 2018 Cruise Collection transporting the runway show's attendees seaside to the Mediterranean. Here are a few of our favorite looks...



The iconic Chanel tweed with a Hellenic twist







The criteria of beauty in Ancient then Classical Greece still holds true. There have never been more beautiful representations of women. Or more beautiful columns. The entire Renaissance, in fact, was based on antiquity.
— Karl Lagerfeld from the show notes


It seems many eyes in the fashion industry have been on Greece for inspiration. Greek Brit Mary Katrantzou looked to her roots for her Spring 2017 Ready to Wear show, where black figure pottery and Minoan motifs juxtaposed psychedelic patterns. It was reported in February that the Italian fashion house Gucci had its eye on hosting a runway show on Acropolis Hill this June, which was unanimously denied by Greece’s Central Archaeological Council (KAS). 

We can't wait to see how Gucci interprets the #HellenicAesthetic next month. Until then, we'll be drooling over this bag...

You can view the entire Chanel Cruise 2018 collection here.

The Traditional Greek Accessory Taking Instagram By Storm

With Coachella wrapping up last weekend, I can't help but be relieved that my Instagram feed will no longer be inundated with endless festival pictures. Maybe I'm just jealous because I didn't go? Who knows. 

One thing we can definitely look to attendees of this (probably) overhyped event is for outfit inspiration. The most surprising trend to emerge this year? Your Papou's Greek fisherman hat. That's right, everyone from Victoria's Secret models to some of my favorite fashion bloggers were wearing them.


Actress Nina Dobrev looking adorable in her Greek Fisherman Hat at Coachella

Photo via @nina on Instagram


Another festival attendee killing it in a white version

Photo via @LF5thAve on Instagram


So where did this trend begin? The first time I noticed someone rocking my Papou's chapeau of choice was Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What (looking SO amazing) while on vacation in the Bahamas. She acquired her white hat from an LF Stores  location in NYC. Photo via @WeWoreWhat on Instagram


Photos by Marianthi Vlachos

I decided to head to the LF Stores location in Boca Raton, Florida, to get my hands on one and not only did I find them, but to my delight they are actually made in Greece!

I find it fascinating that something so commonplace and readily available in the Greek Islands has found its way into a chain of boutiques here in the USA. I have to admit though, this was not a trend I saw on the forecast, but it makes me so happy and I 100% endorse it. The promotion of Greek products (whether we sell that particular item or not) is what we're about here at Hellenic Aesthetic. 

Head to your closest LF to get the #HellenicAesthetic for $35 or you can purchase one here