taking care of your plated jewelry

Plated jewelry needs some extra love and care. To insure your plated jewelry, like our nameplate necklace, remains beautiful for years to come, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not spray perfume or other sprays while wearing your plated necklace. Wait for lotion and other skincare products to absorb into skin before putting your necklace on.

  • Remove your necklace before swimming in chlorine and salt water, as well as before doing an activity that will make you sweat.

  • If you need to clean or shine up your necklace, use a cotton ball or a soft jewelry cloth. Please do not use jewelry cleaner.

  • To avoid scratches, please keep your necklace in your suede Hellenic Aesthetic pouch while traveling or when you are not wearing it.

Our nameplate necklaces can be replated for a fee, for more information please email us at