What is the

Hellenic Aesthetic?

We believe in the creative spirit behind the Greek word μεράκι (meraki), that some things are created with love, soul, and artistry. 

Our mission is to make Greek-made products more accessible in North America and the rest of the world while promoting Greek craftsmanship, travel and culture.

Hellenic Aesthetic is a multi-brand e-shop dedicated to offering thoughtfully made products that reflect the beauty and vitality of Greek culture.  The products we sell are predominantly designed and made in Greece, with some sourced from North America, Europe and the rest of the Mediterranean.


Hellenic Aesthetic was created by Marianthi Vlachos, a Greek-American who spent her childhood summers traveling to Greece. Marianthi was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida, and received a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Louisiana State University.

Marianthi still spends her summers traveling throughout Greece, constantly looking for up incoming designers to bring to This site is a combination of many of her passions: fashion, travel, design and her Greek heritage. 

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